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About Us

My name is Pam Badger and with help from my husband Bill and daughter Charlotte, I started Kernow Golden Retrievers in 2009. I am a member of American Kennel Club, Golden Retriever Club of America, Tracking Club of Vermont, Yankee Golden Retriever Club, Canadian Kennel Club and Treasurer the dissolved Green Mountain Golden Retriever Club. We are a small hobby breeder in southwestern Vermont having only a few litters each year.

Kernow Goldens are AKC registered with all their clearances. They are fed a raw, fresh food diet and have eliminated the use of toxic chemicals in, on or around our dogs. We follow Dr Jean Dobbs' low vaccine protocol and are patients of Dr Jeff Feinman, a holistic vet ( from Weston CT. Our dogs live with us at home and enjoy walks, swimming, tracking, obedience and conformation.


Due to COVID-19, correspondence only will be excepted. No in person visitations will be allowed. Please email me if you have any questions.


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